Window Cleaning


Are you tired of the window cleaning service you currently use rushing through the job, leaving streaks and overcharging for a job not up to your standards? Perhaps it is time for a change. There is a large number of window cleaning services available all along the Front Range of Colorado. So you might be asking yourself just what makes us better than the rest.

At Everclean, we are committed to delivering excellent, quality results each and every time we step foot onto your property. We set our standards well above your expectations the very first time we clean your windows and follow that up with the goal to exceed that expectation with every visit. In other words, our goal is to raise the bar a little higher with each cleaning. We are not simply satisfied to have you as a customer; we understand you are the one who demands satisfaction.




There are many window-cleaning services in the community, so what makes us different from the rest?


We use ladders to access windows and do not use water fed poles or other extension poles as a standard way to wash residential windows in Loveland, Fort Collins and other Northern Colorado cities. It takes longer this way, and we pay higher worker’s compensation rates because of this quality level of window cleaning, but we do not believe in cutting corners. We access the window and clean them with a washer and squeegee – then wipe the edges of the window and the sill.


We provide quality window cleaning for Fort Collins and Loveland homeowners at reasonable rates. We have a formula for bidding windows based on levels of difficulty, which allows us to bid consistently. To keep prices more affordable, we wipe down screens and tracks as part of the price, however, if the tracks require heavy clean (use of a vacuum and brush) then we may have to charge more per track. If the customer requests that the screens be washed with water then there is a charge for that also. Call today for a free quote!


We will e-mail the day before an appointment to confirm. We usually give about an hour window when scheduling appointments and call when we are on our way. Sometimes jobs take longer than planned but we strive to communicate with our customers because we know you value your time, and so do we.

Cities We Service

We provide window cleaning to all of Norther Colorado, including but not limited to: Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Estes Park, Greeley, Berthoud, Johnstown, Longmont, Firestone, Erie, Boulder, Lafayette, and Niwot, Colorado.

Free Estimates

We provide free estimates for window cleaning. Often we can give an approximate price over the phone based on the number of panes or we can give an on-site bid. We simply walk around the perimeter of the house to count window panes and check out landscaping issues and height of windows. There is no residential window-cleaning job we cannot do because we have the equipment necessary to clean windows on high-rise buildings.

Can We Clean Windows In The Winter?

A common misconception is that winter is a bad time to clean windows. Yes, it can be miserable, but as long as the temperature is over 25 degrees we can clean windows. In fact, we think winter is the best time to clean windows if you want them to stay clean. Spiders have disappeared (no nasty webs) and flies and moths cannot spot the windows for a few months. There are no thunderstorms to muddy the windows 10 minutes after we leave.

Insurance & Worker’s Compensation

Do not put yourself at risk by hiring a company that is not properly covered to work on your property. We have the highest level of liability insurance available for window cleaners. Many window cleaning companies have only janitorial liability insurance, which only covers work done on the ground level. If an incident occurs in which property is damaged, they will not be covered once the insurance company does an investigation, which means the homeowner could be stuck with the bills for repairs.

Another precaution you should take to protect yourself is to make sure the people you have on your property are covered by worker’s compensation.

We would be happy to provide you with certificates of Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation. We can either fax the documentation or have our agent e-mail the pages to you.

One of the ways we show we care about our customers is to protect them by following the rules nad regulations in our industry, no shortcuts. All of our employees are legal U.S. workers who speak English and conduct themselves in a professional manner.


Everclean offers superior commercial Window Cleaning on large commercial buildings.

Service Area

We are all over the Front Range, including Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland, Longmont, Boulder, Denver, North Denver Metro, West Denver Metro and South Denver Metro regions. Contact us today!

Lift Work

We have experience working on large buildings requiring the use of a lift, and our lift operators are lift certified.


We wipe the edges of the window and the sill after using a squeegee. We provide the same quality of service for Loveland and Fort Collins commercial buildings as we do for residential.

No Shortcuts

We use proper equipment that allows us to get right to the windows without the use of squeegees on a pole. We only use those methods when landscaping or building design does not allow for direct access.

Knowledgeable Staff

Through research and experience, we know which equipment and chemicals will be safe on your glass. If there are stickers, paint, or other substances on your windows we will remove them with proven, safe techniques so that your glass does not get scratched or damaged in other ways.

Liability & Worker’s Compensation

We are properly covered by insurance and will gladly provide proof of such upon request.