Dryer Vent Cleaning


Dryer vents become plugged with laundry lint over time, which leads to longer drying time for clothes and if dryer vents are neglected for a long enough period of time become a fire hazard.

Our Process

We first turn the dryer on to check the air flow (or lack thereof). We then disconnect the dryer and hook up a blower to remove any loose blockage. Then we use a 30 ft vacuum hose. Sometimes when it is really packed with debris we have to vacuum from both ends of the vent. If there is still any restriction then we can use our standard air duct cleaning equipment and scrub the vent using brushes attached to the end of the vacuum hose. In extreme cases, we have had to disconnect the ducting to remove debris. In the cases of all that extra work, we have to charge a little more than the standard rate. One thing we can guarantee is that we will clean out the dryer vent in your home, no matter how badly it is plugged. The equipment we use for dryer vent cleaning is very efficient because the cable spinning the brush is actually running through the vacuum hose. Other systems designed to scrub the duct for those impossibly plugged vents, have to use a two-part system of running the cable and brush, and then cleaning out the loose lint.

Roof Top Vents

Many dryer vents vent through the roof of your Loveland or Fort Collins home. In these cases, we often have to access the vent by getting on the roof. We are properly insured and have the equipment to access high vents because of the other services we provide such as window cleaning. Sometimes we may need to access the venting by getting in the attic. Either way, we will guarantee that we will be able to get your venting clean.

Bird Nests

We often find bird nests in dryer vents. We find that the dryer was not plugged with lint at all. I recently cleaned a dryer for a friend in Windsor because he was re-flooring the dryer room and thought it would be a good preventative thing to clean the vent while the dryer was disconnected. We blew a bird nest out to his surprise! If a birdcage cover is needed on the exterior, or the dryer needs a new hose, we can replace and install these items.

Common Questions

How can I know if my dryer vent needs to be cleaned?

We have all shared that frustrating experience when we go to the dryer to remove our warm, freshly dried laundry – only to clutch a wad of damp or soggy clothes instead. We touch the top of the dryer – it is scorching hot, and the clothes are practically steaming. We slam the door to the dryer, exasperated, reset the timer and walk away. Perhaps we can fold the clothes sometime today, and in the meantime the utility bills rack up – and hopefully the house does not catch fire.

So, is the problem the dryer or is the culprit a plugged dryer vent?

The most likely cause of slow dry time is lint buildup in the dryer vent – especially if the dryer is creating heat. If your dryer stays cold then you most likely need a new heating element or other related issues. What You Can Do: Make sure the hose from the dryer to the wall is not kinked, restricting air-flow. Next, turn on the dryer and go outside to check the airflow where the vent comes out of the house. If there is not strong airflow then you need to have the vent cleaned. The flap on the vent cover should flip all the way open. If it is hanging down, then the flow is too weak.

There are enough things to frustrate us every day, don’t let damp laundry get the best of you. Call Everclean Today!