About Us

The Everclean Company

The Everclean Company was started in the spring of 2007 in Loveland, Colorado, providing services to northern Colorado, including Estes Park. I started by offering free estimates door to door and putting in a lot of footwork and networking. Slowly we began to grow, and by retaining most of our customer base have quickly grown. In 2014 we moved into our new office space at 239 W. 67th Court in Loveland, where we also have our screen repair shop. We now provide service to thousands of residential, as well as commercial customers each year, from Fort Collins in northern Colorado, to the south Denver region.

Our Mission

My goal from the onset was to provide a variety of home services that the average homeowners cannot take care of themselves, and to do so at the highest quality. We have been able to provide a one-call experience for many homeowners, property managers, restoration companies and construction contractors who needed several services done, and with one call they have been able to have us do much of it. (If we do not provide a particular service we can usually give a referral to a business we trust.)


Our Standards

We strive to have techs in each one of our services that specialize in that field. For example our air duct cleaning techs do not necessarily know how to clean windows, and we have window cleaners who do not clean ducts. Because quality of service is our primary concern, we only send the best crew members possible. Even if a person has experience when they come to Everclean, they have to prove they can clean according to our standards. We have had several “experienced” techs that just could not clean the way we demand so they could not stay with Everclean.

Honesty: We strive to be honest and straightforward in pricing and the scope of the job. If we cannot do the job properly, we will just say so and refer you to someone who can. I have witnessed several bait-and-switch deals from other companies first hand, and that is something I refuse to be a part of.

Our Product

We believe that our employees are our product, and because customer satisfaction is our goal it follows that we need to have employees who not only love their job, but are able to provide for their families as well. We pay on a commission basis. What this does is create ownership on each job for the employee. In order for the employee to be paid adequately we have to price our jobs fairly. We do not underbid jobs just to get them. When jobs are underbid two things can happen: one is that the employee takes the required time to do a good job – and gets underpaid (because he’s on commission on a low bid), or secondly, he hurries through the job so that he can still make enough money to make a living.

Sometimes, I walk away from jobs because I will not come down on a bid to beat out competition. It does not bother me to do so, because I know that in the long run, my employees are happy, and that translates into happy customers. We do offer discounts and seasonal specials, but to do so our employees still receive commission on the regular rate to ensure quality of service.

We are very proud to be a Colorado based company providing local jobs and providing services to our friends and neighbors.

Austin Fulton, Owner


Austin Fulton / Owner

As the owner, Austin is involved in every aspect of the business. Sometimes he goes on jobs, or answers the phones, does free on-site-estimates or sticks with “just” overseeing the operation. He runs a plow during snow storms and is out with the staff. Austin never asks an employee to do something that he would not do himself.

Justin Fulton / Office Manager

Justin had years of routing and overseeing the training of employees for a very large company before coming to Everclean. He has been working for Everclean for over 3 years. Because he has done work on every type of service we provide, so when the customer speaks to him on the phone he is knowledgeable and will be able to answer any question. He helps the staff get to jobs on time and provides any support they need while on jobs.

Dan Terry / Specialty: Window Cleaning

Dan has been with Everclean for 6 years and has been doing every service we provide, but excels especially at window cleaning. If we have a construction cleaning job or a job site that requires more skill in accessing the windows, he is the guy I send.

Mark Nelson / Duct cleaning tech

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