Gutter Cleaning


Debris left in gutters prevents the water from draining properly. During winter months, ice builds and swells causing damage to the roof until water backs up under the edge of the roof. Often, the drains become so heavy with ice that they pull loose from the side of the building and sag. In the summer months, plugged drains can cause water to run over the edge of the gutter making the gutter completely ineffective. When the gutters overflow, the water can cause serious flood damage, such as flowing into window wells, flooding the basement, and causing erosion around the building.

Our Process

We will scoop out all the debris in buckets and haul it away. Once we are done clearing the debris, we flush out the gutters and downspouts with water.


We charge based on the number of linear feet, but we also have to take into account the kind of roof a building has. If it is too steep to walk on or has the type of roofing that does not allow for walking, there may be additional fees. We would be glad to measure your gutters and give you a free estimate.

In Northern Colorado, when is the best time of year to clean gutters?

The most demand for gutter cleaning is in the fall as soon as the leaves fall, and that time varies in different parts of town. For example in Fort Collins, the downtown area sees the leaves fall about two weeks later than the rest of town because of all the old elm trees, which lose their leaves last. Certain trees, though, require gutter cleaning twice a year. Here in Colorado the types of trees with debris to clog gutters throughout the year, especially spring and fall are cottonwood and elm trees. The older parts of Ft Collins, Loveland and Berthoud usually require two cleanings per year for this reason. Obviously, if the gutters were not cleaned in the fall they should be done as soon as the ice thaws out of them in the spring.

The Everclean Company cleans gutters all over the Front Range, including Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland, Longmont, Boulder, Denver, North Denver Metro, West Denver Metro and South Denver Metro regions. Contact us today!