Our screen repair experts can not only repair various type of window screens and sliding doors, but we also build new screens, either individually or in bulk.

Service Area

Our screen repair shop is located at 239 West 67th Ct., Loveland, CO 80538.  We are between Fort Collins and Loveland right off of Highway 287, just north of Wal-Mart. It is the ideal location to offer screen repair services to homes and businesses in Windsor, Greeley, Estes Park and other Northern Colorado locations. Because we are often working on-site or out of the office doing estimates we recommend calling our office to make sure we will be in the shop before dropping off screens for repair.

Free Pick Up & Delivery

Not everyone has a truck or van to haul their screens across town to a repair shop. (sometimes screens are so large they won’t even fit in a van, and for some people, removing screens is also difficult). We pick up and deliver screens for repair in the following cities: Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor and Berthoud.  We will also remove screens from the window and re-install them upon completion for a small fee.  Many of our customers prefer this.

Free On-Site Estimates

Often it is beneficial for both us, as well as the customer to come to you to bid screen repair.  There are many different styles of window frames, screen designs and over the phone only approximate prices can be given.  If you have wood window frames, we especially like to measure the actual window frame if new screen frames need to be built.  Wood frames swell and shrink over the years and often are no longer square.  If we build a perfectly square screen based on the original screen measurements, the frame sometimes will not fit.  I literally have had to make screen frames 1” out of square when dealing with wood frames.  We want to get it right the first time for that perfect fit.

Mobile Screen Repair

Sometimes when building multiple screens from scratch, especially on older homes, it is easier for us to actually build screens on site and make sure they fit perfectly.

Pet Screen

Has your dog chewed through your screen door, or your child dove through the screen door while chasing the cat? You are not alone.  Cats also seem to think that every screen requires a good kneading!  If you find it impossible to keep your screens in good shape, then you need Pet Screen. Pet Screen is made of vinyl-coated polyester, which is 7 times heavier than standard fiberglass and aluminum wire.  It is more likely to come out of the frame due to impact than ever tear.  When we trim it out after installation we have to make sure we are using a new razor blade to cut it cleanly.

So you can now open your windows and let the cat sit in his favorite sill, and everyone will be happy!

Solar Screen

Reduce sun glare and help keep your room cooler during the hot summer months with Solar Screen.  There are varying degrees of solar screen, some of which block out 90% of the sun’s energy.

Stop by Our Showroom

Everyone is welcome to visit our office/ showroom to discuss options and select the type of screen that would best fit your needs.  Our customers are often hesitant to go with a thicker material such as Pet or Solar screen, but once the customer sees and feels the material the choice is obvious.

Screen Doors

We install any type of material in screen doors.  If rollers need replaced or a handle needs replaced we can do that also.  (many screen doors, cheaply constructed, cannot have the rollers replaced) Note: We do not build new door frames, however, we would be glad to recommend a local vendor who can.

Scale of Work

We do screen repairs jobs that range in size from a single window screen to large commercial jobs  with hundreds of screens that need repaired or built on apartment complexes and HOAs.

*Property Management Real Estate Agents & Contractors receive 10% discount on all screen repairs.